Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The One with the Whole Milk

 July 21, 2014


Hermana Burnham
"If it is going to pour down rain, then you might as well enjoy it!"

I probably gained 5 pounds this week in milk fat. A family in our ward moved and gave us a gallon of WHOLE milk. Hna Jensen is lactose intolerant, so it was just my milk. I don’t think I had ever had whole milk in my life. Now I have.  

I have been trying to find things to be happy about when it comes to leaving my mission (leaving is hard), and I have seen so many tender mercies this week! For example, this might seem so silly, but it meant a lot to me.  We were walking to try and visit a potencial investigator and as we walked up a little, yellow, spikey ice cream cone, dog chew toy was sitting on the ground in front of the house. It was the same one Max has! Like the only toy that Max has! (Or...had...when I was there). I was like, "How random and what a small thing! But, Heavenly Father is aware of me!" I miss ya Max!  

In addition to little things like that, I have also witnessed big tender mercies from the Lord. 

Yesterday we went to one of our investigators whom we have only met with a few times. We had taught her the Restoration twice (once to her and then once to her and her son) and a little bit of the Plan de Salvation. But, she always seemed very passive, but so nice, about our message. We went over last night and taught about our purpose here on earth and at the end of our lesson she wanted to make sure we gave her son (whose name is L, btw . . . poor kid) a reading assignment, haha. So, we gave him some "homework".  I then grabbed her Book of Mormon and said, "Okay, we need to give you something, too!" I began to flip through her book to assign her a chapter to read. She said, "Oh . . . where that tarjeta is, is where I am at right now." In COMPLETE shock I said, "This tarjeta?"  She said "Yes".  I said, in disbelief, "THIS tarjeta?" "YES!" she replied. "You read this chapter?" I said.   "No, . .  . since the beginning." "WHAT?",  I replied  "What?", she replied.   "Let me make sure I understand.  You have read from the beginning of the book to HERE? This much?" "Yeeeeeeesssss, Hermana!"  

I could not believe it. My shock was 100% real. She has read to the end of 3 Nefi—in two weeks. I have NEVER had an investigator read that much of the Book of Mormon in my whole mission. I got a little emotional and was like, "Hermana, I have never had anyone read this much before; thank you so much."  She said, "When do you go home?" I told her and she said, "I will be done with the Book by that day, I promise." One of my desires coming out on a mission was to have someone read the entire Book of Mormon. I have strived so diligently to exhort people to read the Book.  Many of them have, but they read a chapter here and a chapter there. Heavenly Father knew that was a desire of my heart; and so, a week before I returned home, He sent me L.  

The Lord is so good to me.  

I love you all.

Hna B

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