Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The One with the Pingree Farwell

June 30, 2014 

.....The Pingrees leave tomorrow.  

I LOVE President and Sister Pingree. I love them with all the love that I have in my heart, and I am going to miss them so, SO much.  I know that the Mortensens will be absolutely wonderful and I am excited to meet them; But MAN, I am going to miss President Pingree.  

We had an amazing opportunity to attend a Temple Session with the Pingrees and Temple President Crane (and his wife.) It was a remarkable experience. After the session, we had a Q&A/teaching session in the Temple from President Crane and President Pingree. I will let you all use your imaginations about how amazing that was. Then we all lined up and hugged President and Sister Pingree goodbye. I was sobbing like a little child! I couldn't control myself. I just hugged President and just said thank you like 14 times as I stained his shirt with all of my tears! Man! I hope you all get to meet them someday.  

Other than that our week was great and hot! We couldn't use our car on Sunday (we had gone over miles), so we walked. It was HOT. I loved it. It makes you feel like a missionary! 

I have had 3 main names throughout my mission from people in my ward (and also many nicknames), but the three main names I have had are: Hermana Misionera, Hermana Pianista and Hermana B (that is the one everyone calls me; no one can say my last name). Wellllllll, this week I was playing the piano in Sacrament meeting, como siempre. I always stay on the stand until after the sacrament and go and sit down when they tell the YM to sit with their families. This week we finished the sacrament and Hno Montano always says thanks to the YM for reverently passing the sacrament and he always thanks "Hermana Misionera for playing the piano", right? Well, this week I walk down the stairs and I hear "No, no, no, Hermana Misionera, venga" (come). So I turned back around, walked back up the stairs and stood by him. He then announced to the ward that I was leaving shortly and asked me to say a few words. It was my first dying testimony (sorry, mission lingo; a farewell testimony) that I have been asked to give. It is also, surprisingly, the first time I have been asked to speak on the spot without any warning (on my mission). I appreciated the chance to bear my testimony to this wonderful ward that has had such an impact on me. I’m going to miss them very much.

Lots of missing going on here in the life of Hna Burnham, sounds like. I think I have used that word like 20 times in this email. Haha!  I love you all a whole bunch!

Hna B

P.S.:   I’m sorry my emails have gotten progressively less about people we teach. I’ve noticed how much my emails have changed from the beginning of my mission. We are still teaching people about the gospel. I swear, haha.

P.S.S.:   Sister Tryon, can I just say one more time how much I love your letters. Seriously. I love em! And you!

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