Monday, October 21, 2013

The One When the Plants Turned Into Ant Hills

October 21, 2012
Helllllo Family and Friends!

Aunt Becky: I can’t believe you were just in Buc-ees! I can see that from my house, haha. You passed right by our church building! Thanks for your letter and funds for Buc-ees :)

So the title of my email can be explained through the following story:
Pre-story info:  For anyone who knows me . . . ants are my biggest fear. They are also EVERYWHERE in Texas.  Like......everywhere. There is no such thing as sitting in the grass here, or having a picnic. Nope. That isn’t real life.  

Okay, so we have these friends named Dolly and Wesley. They are old, cute and have this cute Texas house on a huge piece of land, like everyone else in Waller. Well, they went to Italy last week and asked us to water their plants. We did so. We would go every few days, water them and leave. No big deal right? WRONG. The last day we were supposed to water them before they got home, we found a little surprise I like to call THE POTTED PLANTS BY THE DOOR HAD ALL TURNED INTO ANT HILLS.  I am not talking like there were a few ants chillin’ in these plants; they were full-on completely developed ant hills -- with hundreds, probably thousands, of ants.  Oh, and ants in Texas aren’t normal ants, they are fire ants.  All of them.  In addition to being in the plants,  they were all over the ground! Well, before we realized that these plants were now ant hills, we watered them. Well you know what ant hills are full of besides ants? Holes.  So not only are there ants ALL over the place, but now their floor is covered in water that had run through the plants as well. I also think we killed all their other plants. Moral of the story: Never ask Hna Hosking and me to watch your plants while you are out of town.
I also ate tongue this week. Yum yum, eat up. Oh, just for Moms benefit, the tongue was from a Taqueria, too. So, was it of good quality? Of course not. Was it even properly cared for? Nope. But, hey, it tasted good.

We have been having a lot of success out here is Waller. We have implemented a new method I like to call "Exploring" – where we drive in the car, or walk, turning down random roads and such until we find a house or row of houses we decide need to be knocked. The Lord has directed us to find some really awesome people, one whom we met this week and then accepted baptism 2 days later! Woo hoo! The Lord is good to us.
The Church is true. I have been reflecting on the Book of Mormon and how precious it is in our lives. It is the most perfect of any books. Every misconception about Mormonism, or God, or any question, can be solved through reading it. I am convinced that the number one reason people misunderstand our Church is because they misunderstand the Book of Mormon.  Just read it.  Come and partake of the goodness.  

I love you all so much!

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