Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The One from Waller

October 14, 2013 

I had this whole big, fancy email planned to send all of you! But, I ran out of time and need to leave. I am really sorry. But here is my short email!

I am in Waller!  It is the smallest little town ever. It is so cute and so Texas. We have a huge, two story apartment.  I have my own bathroom. We have a jeep. We are totally exiled and never see any other missionaries besides the Elders that we share the area with, ever.  It smells so good here -- unlike Gulfbank that smelled like beer, dead dogs and pee.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I would send ya’ll pictures, but hey, my camera broke, sooo, haha. There are lots of animals everywhere because everyone has a farm. So, I am in heaven.  Also, it is calving season, so there are baby cows everrrrywhere.  

We do zumba three times a week with our Branch President's wife. My companion's name is Hna Hosking, and she is awesome -- and TALLER than me. The Branch is super witttle. The little children are my only friends so far.  There is a little girl who is Amelia's Mexican twin.  My Branch President’s family is white, but all his children speak Spanish – so that is my future family.
I still get to play piano for the Primary Program.   I ate real bacon. We get fresh eggs for free.  I ate grits.  I bought a "Waller" t-shirt.  We have the 2nd largest Bucees in the world. One of our investigators has the 4th largest horse in the world.  I ate fancy French food the other day. I fed chickens.  I kind of rode a dog named Molly. The dogs here don’t want to kill you. The people here also don’t want to kill you. I feel safe.

That sums it up for this week.  Moses 6:31-34:   Might we all choose to walk with Him.

 I love you all!


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