Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The One with the Funeral Card

July 15, 2013

This week flew by, as they all do. I’m sorry you didn't get my email last week, mom. I got the "failed email” email today. Sorry! At least it got to someone. I also got the package this week. :) Thank you! I love the dress and skirt. Are they things I would normally pick out for myself?  No. But will I GLADLY wear them as articles of clothing that give variety to the monotony of outfits I wear every day? Yes.

I decided this week that I want two church callings the rest of my life: Seminary teacher and Primary pianist....ehhh, maybe chorister; I’ll take either. Here is why: So I want to work for CES right? That is my dream, but I can’t do that because I want to have children and their rules...blah, yeah.  So, I will settle for just teaching seminary.  Same thing....except I don't get paid. But I’m fine with that.  I just love the scriptures and the youth, and I want the youth to love the scriptures. I also want to be the Primary pianist because in H5, the Ward I am serving in in Gulfbank, I play piano for Primary every Sunday.  It is the happiest hour of every week.  I just love it.  Hearing children worship through song? I would love that.

Gulfbank is doing well.  Blooming and blooming, poco por poco. We found a couple of awesome people this week, whom we are really excited about.  I’m sorry I don't spend my time always writing about them, but it is because there are so many good things to say that I:   1) can never narrow it down; and, 2) feel bad talking about one person and not another because I love them all so much.   I want to talk about all of them, but there just isn't time!

I guess I will end this letter with expressing my love for Hna Parry. She is getting transferred this week (well we are 99.99% sure) and I am just, ugh . . . so sad. I just love her. I am excited for the new change that having a new companion will bring; but,  man, I am really going to miss her. She is my twin, kynziekyns. Que triste.

Expect an exciting email next week about my nueva compenera!

I love you all <3

Hna Burningham (At least the people here get kind of close....?)

PS:  Editor's Note:  The title has nothing to do with the post, I know.  Alivia did not want to write about the "funeral card" experience (she told us privately), but maybe at some point she will share that experience.

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