Monday, July 29, 2013

FYI -- July 29, 2013

I received this short email from Hermana Burnham this week.  My mother's heart feels so much better! (For those who do not know, Hermana Burnham had not received any mail to her physical address since arriving in Texas on April 24, 2013.  Unfortunately for her, her mother transposed the apartment number.  I spent several days last week trying to track down some of the mail.)
"YES, I GOT MAIL. I got like 5 letters one day – two from you, one from Dad, two from Lindsey.  And then I got a letter from you the next day as well. Thank you! Mother, you know that I am your daughter, so you should be well aware that of course I talked to the lady upstairs the DAY I found out my mail was going to her. She has been throwing it away. But, please don't feel bad about the mail.  It happens, and I am not upset about it; I am just glad that it was resolved.  And seriously, the thought that you have been writing me this whole time brings so much comfort to my heart – that was all I needed."

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