Monday, May 13, 2013

The One with the Mariachi Band

May 13, 2013
(Alivia has been out for 2 months now!)

I have no idea if that is how you spell Mariachi. Hi Everyone. :)

It was so good talking with Mom and Dad yesterday! And Zack...kind of, haha. I love you guys! I miss Max. We had a dinner appointment right after we finished Skyping and we were reflecting on the fact that it doesn’t even really feel like we talked to you guys--the work moves forward!

If you are wondering about the title, this week we had an awesome ward party! It was our "Feliz dia de Madres!" party.  It was so fun and the food was sooo good. Pollo Asada? Yes pleaseee! YUM. But the best part was that the priesthood all chipped in and bought this cute Mariachi band! They were so good.  All of the cute old Mexican couples in our ward were doing these cute Mexican dances, and it was just so cute. Man, our ward is the cutest. How many times can I say the word cute? That is the only way I know how to describe it though. It was delightful. The only downside was that Hna Parry and I got lost on our way home and wound up in...heaven knows, we accidently broke a mission rule because we got home way past curfew. But, I swear, it was a 10000% accident.

I just can’t tell you how much I love being a missionary. Today, I am just in the best mood.  I feel like I could just smile all day long :) Gah. I love it here! The weather is beautiful outside!  It is perfect! Today is just a great day, you guys. Smiles all around—for everyone. Are you reading this? One the count of three, smile . . . ready? 1-2-3 SMILE! :) Now, don’t you feel great? I sure hope so.

After talking to the family yesterday, I feel like I don’t have anything new to say. But, I will share one milagro from this week.

The day of the Mother's Day Party we got to church and found a "missing persons" sign taped to the door of the church. It was Hermano R.  Hermano R is this inactive member of our ward. Hna Parry and I go to his house every week, however, because Hna R feeds us (she is active and the best.) Hermano R has a pretty severe drinking problem and sometimes forgets to wear his teeth [that is always an adventure :)]. Well, we arrived at the church building and found this sign. I immediately start bawling...because...I am me. Sister Parry and I had not heard any news about what was going on and we were just both so scared for him. We talked to our district leaders and found out he had gone missing on Thursday (it was now Saturday) and was drunk out of his mind. To put this into perspective, Hermano doesn’t just have a drinking problem, he is also in his 70's and has severe Alzheimer’s. My heart was just breaking at the thought of Sister R and how scared and lonely she must feel. I couldn’t hold back tears. The area where we live is pretty rough and if a person is missing for over 24 hours, it is a pretty safe bet they are no longer living. Man, those few hours were the worst. But THEN, obispo arrived. Along with him he brought the news that Hermano, through some pretty insane circumstances, had just been found! He was safe back home! But you guys, when he came to, he realized that what had happened was a result of his drinking and so he came to church with Hermana the next day! Man I love him! I am so glad he is safe. He even wore his teeth. :)

That is one of our miracles this week. The work continues. The Lord is great.  I love you all.
Hermana Alivia Burnham

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