Monday, June 16, 2014

The One Where I Joined a Gang

June 16, 2014

The Hermanas after exchanges.
A few weeks ago we met a man named T.  He is a rapper. He gave us CDs—we haven't listened to them yet, haha.  This week we went by and taught T.  He was alone, so he sat on the couch in his living room and we stood at his doorway (because we can’t go in if a woman isn't there) and taught him a little bit.  We talked a lot about life and he promised to start reading the Book of Mormon.   A few hours after we left his house we got a text from him saying:  "Y’all officially ********.  Turn up!"  Those little stars are the name of his gang, which will not named here.  Sooo, it's official, I became a thug on my mission (as if we hadn't already established that ;) ). . . . At least I know if I am ever in danger, I got back up! Haha 

But on a more spiritual note, it was a wonderful week! The Lord is hastening His work in the Canyon Lakes Ward! I love being a part of it!  

Yesterday C. D. was baptized.  He is 11 years old. He is the son of a super awesome family in our ward, but he is the stepson of the Hermana and his biological mom wouldn't consent to his baptism--until now!  It was the Elder's baptism, but we went because it was for our ward, and of course I played piano. I was sitting at the piano when C. was confirmed. After his confirmation he turned around to his Dad and hugged him in front of everyone and just sobbed. I mean, sobbed.  I, too, sat behind the piano very glad that I could not be seen by everyone else and just cried.  It was so beautiful to see his gratitude for the gift of the Holy Ghost.  He had gone through a long process to get there and there he finally was. 

It made me think of 3 Nefi 19:9—“And they did pray for that which they most desired; and they desired that the Holy Ghost should be given unto them." 

What a blessing. When Christ left His earthly ministry He promised to send the Holy Ghost and the apostles rejoiced!  Do we realize how significant of a blessing He is? The third Member of the Godhead has been given to the baptized members of the Church as a constant companion if we live worthily. THAT IS AWESOME. Now live worthily! 

The gospel is real! 

I love you all! <3 

Hna B 

P.S.:  First, I wanted to thank you for your letter this week. It made me feel so happy and thanks so much Mama. 

P.P.S: I got so dark this week! Lots of walking and service...gotta love that missionary tan!

P.P.P.S: Aunt Traci thank you for your card! I hope to see you there--that would be so wonderful! I love you!

P.P.P.P.S: Sister Dudley, thank you for your letter. I know! Time Flies! I think snow boots are something I never even thought about needing here in Texas, haha.  Poor Will!


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