Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The One with Hermana Ballerina

May 5, 2014 

My favorite family here in the Woodlands has now coined me with the nickname "Hermana Ballerina." They were the family we were with when E made that comment about me dancing behind our car. Since that point they all start dancing every time I dance--didn't realize how often that was. So Hna Ballerina it is. 

In other news: I am getting transferred.  

I LOVE the Woodlands. I love it. I love the people here. I love the area. I am sad to be leaving. Some of my dearest lifelong friends reside here. My Ward Mission Leader called me this morning and asked if I was leaving and then said some nice things to me  (he was speaking in Spanish of course).  At the very end he says, in his broken English, "Hija, I love you a lot."  So that broke my heart a little bit. And these past two weeks I have become like super close with my bishop--which makes leaving hard. But the hardest of all is leaving J. J and I are BEST friends. Like, E round two.  I don't know what it is about me and those recently-released-from-jail, but seriously, we bond like none other and LEAVING HIM BREAKS MY HEART.  

I always know when I am getting transferred because I have moments where I am sitting in church and I look out at everyone and just start to cry because I love them all so much. As soon as my love is that deep they rip me away!  I love the people here so much. I just wrote a very long paragraph trying to describe that love and those feelings, but then deleted it because it just wasn't adequate. They are just part of my heart. I love them.  I hope those words can stand alone and describe to you what I mean.  

And I love each of YOU.  I’m so excited to talk with my dear family this Sunday!!!!!!! It’s the last time I’ll talk to you, on the mission, before returning to your arms! When did that happen? I feel like a week ago I was calling from the airport or standing outside the church building calling the house, then mom’s cell phone, then dad, then Kirstin, than the house again, then mom again—trying to let you guys know what time I was going to call LAST Mother's Day. Oh how time flies.

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