Monday, April 7, 2014

The One with the Baby Squirrel at General Conference

April 7, 2014

Baby Squirrel

For real . . . baby squirrel
My title is a little deceiving. There was no squirrel at general conference; or, at least if there was, I don’t know about it.  But, I needed to figure out a way to squeeze two great things into one title.

1. Baby Squirrel. This week I caught a baby squirrel. Yes, I did indeed. It was the COOLEST THING EVER.  So, here is the story.  Monday night we have an appointment for a noche de hogar and we got lost trying to find the member’s house. We were stopped at a stop sign talking to the Hermana on the phone when I look out the window and see a very small creature crawl from a bush and underneath our car.  I am like "HNA MCOMBER DON’T DRIVE!!!!! DON’T DRIVE ANYWHERE!" Hurriedly, I jump out of the car and lie on the ground (in my dress, mind you) to see underneath the car where this little critter had gone. He was sitting right under my seat in the car. It was a baby squirrel. Like a BABY squirrel. Scared that he would bite me or freak out, I grab a piece of paper and try to scoot him from underneath the car. He doesn’t react at all to me touching him with the paper, so I think, okay, I am going to pick him up. However, I didn’t have a jacket or a scarf or anything to pick him up with, so I grab a plastic bag—still  scared he is going to bite me. I begin to pick him up, but can’t grab him with the bag, and he isn’t trying to bite me or anything, so I just decided to grab him with my hands. As soon as I had him in my hands, he fell asleep.  People . . . I was holding a sleeping, baby squirrel in my hands. I could’ve died.  My life is complete.  It was the greatest moment of my whole life.  

Being the person I am, I could not leave the baby squirrel......clearly. So I bought it to our NDH! The Hermana was not too pleased with me, haha; but, her husband loved it.  Her husband isn’t a member, so we totally bonded over the squirrel--everything happens for a reason. Well, we left him in a warm box to sleep outside while we had our NDH and then afterwards I brought him back to his tree. I was very concerned about his survival and might have shed tears over this little squirrel, haha, but we placed him at the base of the tree and he scurried up it very fluently and calmed my fears about his survival. Sometimes, the Lord sends tender mercies to me by means of little baby animals. :)

2. General Conference. How great was that!?  I loved every second of it. I felt more than ever that Heavenly Father was aware of me personally. I received so many great answers. I found a redetermination to be better and to do better. I was deeply impacted by the talks of Elder Zwick (remember when Dad made me pray in front of him when I was like 6, and it was the most terrifying moment of my life...ha), Elder Bednar, President Packer and President Utchdorf.

I love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I know He lives! What great peace that brings into someone's life. This is His Church here on the earth. I am so full of JOY! :)

Hermana B

PS--Aunt Kaly: THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE! I love it all! Love you!

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