Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The One Where I Dislocated my Pinky

April 14, 2014 

Several days later
Only the bruising remains
Can a person even dislocate a pinky? I don't know. I know it was bent in directions it wasn't supposed to and I pushed it back into place, but it isn't broken (I assume; I can bend it and everything), so that is probably a dislocation of some sort?

It was during a service project. I was placing bricks around this garden area and I dropped one brick that then landed on another brick with my pinky sandwiched in the middle. How exactly my pinky made it in there I am not sure because I have the smallest pinky fingers mayyybeee on the whole planet earth.  Like, they stopped growing around age 5 and look so out of place on my hands. So, how my little, tiny pinky managed its way in there is beyond me. I will attach pictures for your enjoyment.

Other than dislocating my pinky finger (I’m so embarrassed), this week I also discovered Blue Bell "Southern Peach Cobbler" ice cream……drool.  So good.  I was also thinking at one point about Dad and how he would tell me stories about weird things he would make himself to eat on the mission.  This week, as I thought over what I had prepared for myself, I thought, "yeah . . . I totally understand this now."  When all you have in your fridge is lunchmeat ham, tortillas, pickles and chick-fil-a sauce--you make it work! Haha. I love being a missionary! (Don't worry Mom, that isn't all I eat.)

This week was a phenomenal one. We had some really amazing miracles--so many that I can’t tell them all here on this one email.  But, I will share the one of E.

E. is someone that the Sisters before us had found. He got passed off to Elders and then eventually stopped being contacted and taught. I had heard his name once or twice, but had never talked with him or met him. This week we were sitting in our car getting ready to pray before we headed into a lesson and a man walks past our car.  He then walks backwards until he can see into our windows and then comes up and knocks on our window, scaring Hna McOmber half to death (he is a little rough looking). We roll down the window and he says:  "Are you the girls from the store?"  Not really knowing what he was referring too, but assuming we were indeed the same people, we affirmed.  He goes:  "Are you the ones from the Church with the man and the hill...and the light...and...I can’t really remember".   I reply:  "Joseph Smith?"  "Yes! Yes! Jose Smith! That is his name! I want to learn about your church", he says back. "We can help you with that", I replied.  We set a return appointment and anxiously waited for the end of the week to teach him.
However, he is a single man and he lives at the very end of a rather worrisome street in our area, so we could not, nor did we want to, go alone. But, Heavenly Father, and His infinite mercy several weeks earlier, provided a new family in our ward (La Familia R.) who live 3 trailers down from E. and have a son on a mission and are SUPER gung-ho about missionary work! So we had E. come to their home and we taught the Resturacion and it was so powerful. At the end of the lesson he said:  "I saw you two leaving the store and I was going to get your attention, but you (pointing to Hna McOmber) had already got in the car and you (pointing to me) were standing behind the car . . . twirling or dancing, I’m not sure (how classic Alivia is that, hahaha), but I just knew that I would see you again. I don't know why, but I just knew I would. And then not only did I see you again, but it was that same day! Just a few hours later. That is why I knocked on the window of your car." The Lord works in mysterious ways. I love being a missionary!!!

This Sunday is Easter.  http://easter.mormon.org/?cid=HPTU041514694

The Savior lives. He is Risen! What words are more joyous?!

I love you all!

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