Monday, March 3, 2014

The One With F Round 4

March 3, 2014 
Just a silly sign that we saw . . .

Birthday gift from the Adams family
I love it!
We had stake conference this week! Elder Pino from the Seventy came. It is so fun to be in an all-Spanish stake.  It was a blessing to have a general authority to speak with them in Spanish, as well.  It was a grand ol' time.  Missionaries do not usually attend the Saturday session, but we did and all the missionaries sang "Called to Serve."  If anyone is unaware, since beginning my mission, I can NOT sing that song without getting choked up aaaaaaand I'm a missionary, so we kind of sing it a lot. But, it was a great opportunity to serve our Stake and also to hear Elder Pino speak.  Here are some notes I took from the meetings:

"Just like God has called more missionaries to serve, He has prepared more people to receive the message they bear."

"Our success [in this Stake Conference] will be found in what we take, and then implement in our lives."

"We cannot assume others know how much we love them. We have to tell them!"

"If you want to be free, put your own house in order."

"Yo testifico que El es un ser real." (This one has more meaning in Spanish, in my opinion.) I wish ya’ll could have heard him say that--it was powerful.  What a privilege.

I think the best part of the night, though, was seeing all the families from Waller (they turned into the chapel and the little kids, in unision, "HNA B!!!!!" I could’ve died; it was such a happy moment), except for 1 of my old missionary companions and F.

Remember F? He was a menos activo that we found by miracle one night? He then bought us papusas like every week and gave us TONS of mangos? He then proceeded to fall off the face of the planet and be re-found THRICE. Well, he happens to actually live in the ward where Hna Parry is serving and is in our stake.  I spotted him as we were singing and BEE-LINED it to him after the meeting was over. I shook his hand and was like: "HERMANO!!!! I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!"  He got really serious and just goes: "Hermana B, I know that when you found me I was in the Church and then out of the Church.  But I want you to know that I am IN the Church.  I am in it.  I am not going anywhere.  I am preparing to receive the priesthood. I have my paper (that's what he called it, haha) for the Temple. Thank you . . . thank you for serving."

It was one of the greatest tender mercies I have received from Heavenly Father on my mission (to be able to see and talk with him in person) . He is one of the greatest miracles I have witnessed and I love him.

What a grand opportunity I have, right now, to dedicate all of who I am to this great work. What a blessing we have been given as missionaries to participate in the work of Salvation--for truly that is what it is.

Hermana B

Shout outKirstin, Luke and Kids: Thank you for the birthday package! I loved it. I especially loved the mustache cup and I use it every day. My favorite part of the mustache cup is the human hair that is caught between the walls--so it doesn’t touch my water, but is totally visible. It is my deepest wish that that is a hair from someone's mustache.  Pictures included. Love you guys.

One more shout out for the blog:  Chloe Baker: HAPPY  BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!


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