Monday, March 17, 2014

The One Where I Am One Year Old

March 17, 2014

This is how it feels to turn "1" on the mission

Well I hit my year mark this week. So, that was really weird. I attached a picture of my year mark and how it feels to be a year old missionary.  It was taken at 6:20 in the morning. We took that picture and I said:  "I’m gonna send this home and say 'This is how I feel a year into my mission.'"    Hna Hoj says:  "You feel like a boy?"   Hahaha.  So, this picture can be referred to as my "year in the mission" picture or my "boy" picture.

Some exciting news: The night of my year mark, I awoke to Hna Hoj saying:  "Sister B . . . you woke me up sleep talking last night. You were talking in Spanish."   POR FIN. How ironic is it that on my year mark EXACTLY is when I finally sleep talk in Spanish?  I sleep talk like every night people, and I finally talked in Spanish.  It is a miracle.  

It has been a great week and lots of great things have happened. As I was waiting to write ya’ll, so like an hour ago, I received a call from one of our investigators who is about to get deported. She was asking me to come with her to court (something I wish I could, but cannot do).  I then spent the last hour trying to contact people to help her to no avail. That is the life of a missionary everybody--happening right now.  This is definitely something that only missionaries who serve Spanish speaking in the U.S. get to experience.  I can’t even number the times I have dealt with this on my mission. It is heartbreaking because there in nothing we can do to help!  

In better news, J came to church accompanied by his nonmember sister this week. :)  We also had another investigator at church and two menos activo families!!  It was rather joyful. Oh, also, I spoke this Sunday. All the missionaries did.  

Then last night we received this text from J:  "Just got done reading my scriptures. ‘Bout too go to sleep.  Just wanted to thank ya’ll for everything ya’ll have done for me.  I was blessed to meet ya’ll. Ya’ll have truly changed my life in a way I’m so glad I met ya’ll . . . one of the most important things in my life was meeting ya’ll and having ya’ll in my ya’ll goodnight."  

1. How much do you love the abundant use of “ya’ll”?


3. What a tender mercy was it that he sent that to us? :) Heavenly Father is so good to us.

Sorry this email is super sporadic.

Alivia wrote:  "S!  Doesn't she have the most beautiful smile you have ever seen?"



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