Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The One That Was a Surprise

Imagine my surprise when I opened the mailbox to find a lengthy letter from my wonderful daughter.  Unfortunately, Hermana Burnham's companion is sick, so Alivia is confined to their room for the duration; hence, she had a little unexpected free time to write.  At the end of her letter, she included a section entitled:  "Things You Only Hear at the MTC".  She was hoping to include it in her last email, but she ran out of time -- so here goes!

Things You Only Hear at the MTC:

1.  (In reference to the upcoming devotional):  "No, it's definitely going to be one of the Twelve."  [Editor's Note:  "One of the Twelve" refers to one of the twelve Apostles]

2.  "Have you seen the new pens in the bookstore?"

3.  "Are you WRITING WRITING him?"

4.  "Make it 'til Sunday."

5.  "Pray that we can have good showers."

6.  "Her family sent her Coke?"

7.  (After checking mail):  "Does my family even love me?"

8.  "I'm wearing a satin shirt and cotton sweater -- YOLO!"

9.  "Same mission as David Archuleta!!"

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