Sunday, March 10, 2013

Alivia's Post

Hi Friends!

This is the only blog post that I, Alivia Burnham, will ever actually post on this blog. I leave early Tuesday morning for the Provo, UT MTC, where I will be learning how to be the best missionary I can, until April 24 when I ship out to Houston.

This blog will be a "meeting ground" for all of my friends and family who wish to keep up on my happenings while I am away. In the past, the mother, or whomever the weekly email was mailed to, would mass forward missionary emails to everyone. However, I think a blog is a significantly easier solution. Plus, selfishly, I want one place all of my emails are located with everyone's comments on said emails. PLUS, there is a pretty picture of the Houston Temple and my address right on the side! (HINT: THAT MEANS WRITE ME LETTERS)

Each week I have a day called "P-Day" (Preparation Day) where I am allowed to email my family. I will spend this time comprising an email, which will be sent to my mother, which she will then copy and paste right here for all your lovely eyes to see! So come back here each week if you want to stay caught up on all the not-so-juicy details.

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who attended my farewell today. I really appreciate your support, love and friendship. I am so grateful. THANK YOU.

Well, goodbye for now, hasta que nos encontremos otra vez.

Enviando Mi Amor Seimpre,

Hermana Burnham

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