Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The One with Sheri Dew

January 27, 2014 
Hermana Burnham (kneeling, 5th from the right)
 with Sister Sheri Dew (behind Alivia in the blue jacket)

I have a little test for everyone to take... 

This week did Hermana Burnham: 

1) Attend a conference with Sheri Dew

2) Meet Sheri Dew

3) Talk with Sheri Dew

4) Take a Picture with Sheri Dew

5) Tell Sheri Dew that she wanted to BE her 

If you answered YES to all of the above statements, then you win! 100%! Gold star – because I did all of those things and it was AWESOME.  I hugged a woman who wrote the biographies for Gordon B. Hinckley and Ezra Taft Benson.....................it does not get any cooler than that! 

In addition, I agreed completely with the message she delivered. It was about a subject that I believe strongly in (probably due to my brother).  She talked of things she has come to know as absolute truths throughout her lifetime. She quoted LeGrand Richards and said: “‘I think I am much more interested in the long hereafter, than the brief present.’"  She then added: "It is REALLY short sighted to not learn everything that we can learn."  She talked about the importance in gaining knowledge, learning and deepening our understanding. She talked about not being satisfied with complacent knowledge. She said "We have to . . . want the Kingdom of God more than we want anything else. . . .True conversion requires immersion." Wow. It was great!  

Other than that we had a fabulous week filled with fabulous people. A particular favorite of mine was sitting in G and S's house (the couple from Pakistan who don’t speak much English; he speaks a little; she speaks none). G said the following things: 

"She (pointing to S), your age (pointing to me), your body...your body."  You can take that however you might choose, haha. 

As we were asking how to say things in Urdu, specifically, “I love you”, he said: "You say that in my country, they kill you.”  

Another HIGHLIGHT (probably the best part) of this week was talking with J. Man, I love that kid! He is a miracle. His life is a miracle. I wish I could give you full details of what I mean by that, but I can’t. Just trust me when I say that I have never seen such a true change of heart in a person. It is something you always look for as a missionary and something that I have finally found. As he told us his conversion story he said the following about the gospel and I think that about sums it all up:  "It is just a part of me . . . you know?"- J

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