Monday, January 6, 2014

The One from the Woodlands

January 6, 2014

This email is coming from a very happy Hermana Burnham who loves her new area in the Woodlands! I went from the ghetto, to the country and now to the wealth of wealths. I have just been blessed to experience a little bit of everything. In my perfect little world I imagine I will stay in Woodlands for the next 4 transfers and then spend the last one or two transfers back in H5. The end is oh so near! AHHH!  Don't make me go!!!!!
My new companion's name is Hna Hoj (pronounced hoy). She is from SLC, UT and is a perfect person. I’m serious—perfect. She is probably the meekest, most humble individual I have yet to meet here upon this earth. And, she is basically a Calvin Klein model; she is so pretty. She's the best! And I love her!
We have had some really cool experiences this past week and I am really excited about all that this transfer has in store. Woodlands is going to be great!
1.  Our ward is HUGE – at least compared to what I have been used to in the mission! It is so organized. I just sat there in awe. Right after Sacrament meeting a woman (served her mission in Argentina and then married an Argentinian) came up to me and was like: "I looked at you and thought, THE MONA LISA LIVES!"  She now calls me Hermana Mona Lisa. Compliment or insult? Hahaha.
2.  I had the WEIRDEST experience this week of maybe my whole mission. We are walking around trying to find people to teach about the gospel and we see we have a voice mail. The voice mail goes as follows:  "Hi, I am calling for Sister Alivia.  Give me a call back."  In my head I am thinking: "Why would she ask for me as Sister Alivia? Who is this and how does she know my first name?" I call the number back and she proceeds to tell me that two elders came and visited her and gave her my name (Alivia), my phone number (in Woodlands—where I had been for like 3 days), and a picture of me. What? What elders would do that? She was an inactive member and asked me to help her find the name of a Bishop. She wanted a specific bishop, but couldn't remember his name or what ward he served in. So, I am currently in the process of finding this bishop who could be ANYWHERE.  But hey, I guess this is the life of a missionary.....right?
3.  I met two people this week that I fell in love with instantly. Their names are G and S. They are from Pakistan and speak no English. But, they feed us every week and absolutely love us. She opens the door and gives me a big hug and starts kissing my face and then brings us plates of food. We sang them a song and held their hands as we prayed. All she could say in English was "God, good. God, good."  We can’t communicate with them, but we know that the Spirit can. I have never witnessed such a demonstration of pure Christ-like love as I did from these two people. Man, I love them.
So many exciting things lie in store! Can't you feel God hastening His work!
I love you all! muaaaaah!
P.S  Ryan! (Lustgarten) there is a kid in my district (one of the boy missionaries here) who is your IDENTICAL twin! Every time I see him I just start laughing because it is unreal how much he looks like you.  Ha.

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