Thursday, November 7, 2013

The One With The Mouse

November 4, 2013
A mouse lives in our apartment.  Would you like to know how I learned this? Well, let me tell you.
Sunday morning I was just living my life like I do every day with no fear that at any moment we would be turning over all furniture to catch a small vermon.  So, I sit down at my desk and grab my purse and put it on my lap.  Before I know it, a small mouse runs out of my purse, onto my lap, and is running up my tummy.  I kind of mini-scream, and the poor little mouse jumps from my stomach to the ground.  The fall clearly disoriented the poor guy because for the first few seconds he ran all sideways.  We grab bowls and go to work on catching this mouse.  Long story short, Hna Hosking is screaming, all of our furniture in turned over after a wild, literal mouse chase.  I am standing there on the edge of tears feeling so bad for how scared the mouse must feel.  It was so cute and it was so small.  We lost the mouse after chasing it for like 10 minutes.  It disappeared.  We have no idea where it went.  So, there is a mouse living in our house........somewhere.
Other than that, not a ton happened this week. But I do have one story to share. So, here it is:
There is a recent convert here named M. He was in a tragic accident and lost a lot of his brain function.  His talking is really hard to understand, but the more time you spend with him the easier it gets.  We were like, "M, you are going to teach US all of the lessons."  He was super excited.  We gave him the Restoration pamphlet and then came back a few days later so he could teach us.  He stands up in front of us and teaches us the Restoration. He does a great job and he starts bowing and I say: "M, what is your testimony about this?"  He looks at us and is, like: "Well . . . I don’t believe the Book of Mormon is true." Sister Hosking and I look at each other like "WHAT? M!?"  So, she says:  "Wait, you DON’T believe it is true?"  He says:  "Nope."   Then, falling into his chair, he says:  "Asi es, Pagina!”
So let me explain that.   Hna Hosking's name is Paige. "Page" in Spanish is pagina.  So, as a joke a lot of us call her Pagina.   “Asi es” means, "like this" or "this is how it is" or "thus it is".  So, he just falls in his chair and goes:  "Asi es, Pagina!" Sister Hosking and I have to pick our jaws up from the ground and she just goes:   "Where did that attitude come from M!?"   As I am writing this story, I realize it was totally a moment you had to be there to realize how funny it was/you really have to know M.  But, just take my word that it was hilarious.  And don’t worry, he believes in the Book of Mormon.  
Oh M.  
I love you all. Keep the faith. Be obedient. Be good. Smile at someone today.
Hermana Burnham
P.S. -- This week I ate crawfish, Cajun food, and turkey gizzard. Yummorama!

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