Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The One With John 16:33

 September 23, 2013

The following email will include things I learned about my life this week and also things I would suggest to add to your life:

 1.           I will never be a professional bike rider.

We went on exchanges this week and I had to bike all day. Let's just say, I have never been so grateful that we have a car. Sister Parry and I bought bikes, but never really rode them. But riding a bike all day? WOW. It was a great workout, but I was SO SORE the next day!!!

2.            The Crunchwrap Supreme from TacoBell?  Where had that thing been my whole life!?

3.            When you have the chance, find yourself the closest Mexican market and buy yourself some El Salvadorian Crema and proceed to devourrrrr that. HOLY COW it is so good. I just thought of Hna Escobar's tortillas (do you remember that email) with some of that crema and I think tears came to my eyes. Of course, a person would never just eat a spoonful of sour cream--gross. But at the risk of sounding gross, I think I could eat a spoonful of ESC straight—and enjoy it. I haven't done that, but the fact that I think I could do that probably demonstrates the pounds I have gained since coming to Texas.

4.            Go buy a Cup of Noodle, you know, those 28 cent ramen cups that you ate in 7th grade for lunch? Make one of those and then cut yourself a half of a lime and apply juice liberally to your cup of noodle broth. Eat. You’re welcome.

5. Who remembers the game Cooties? Where you make the bugs out of all those little pieces? How fun was that, right? I guess that wasn't really a piece of advice, I just thought of that this week.

6. This week I learned I should "Hit an important mark of my mission more often" because I got like 3 letters A DAY this week! IT WAS AWESOME. Usually I get like 3 letters a week (and that is like a really awesome amount to get). It was like Christmas. Thank you everyone who wrote me. You all made my week!

 Okay, life advice--OVER.

E calls us almost every night and we talk about scriptures and such. The other night he called and as he was talking to us about some stuff that was going on.   I felt impressed to share with him John 16:33:   "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."   He just read it, and then we ending our conversation for the night. He came to church yesterday and that was awesome, but then he called us that night. He had been having some really hard things happening and said that every time something happened he would just think of that scripture and think:  "I don't have to overcome the world, He already did it." One of the things my Dad told me before I left on my mission is: "Help people to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

I don't fully understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I don't think I ever will in this lifetime. But it was such an amazing experience to watch a person, whom I care for so deeply, apply the atonement, simply, in his life. There is nothing, for which I am more grateful, than our Savior Jesus Christ. Through Him we can do ALL things. Because of Him we can do all things.  

I love you all. Thank you for your love and prayers.

 Hermana Alivia Burnham

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