Monday, August 19, 2013

The One with Houston

August 19, 2013
There were a couple different things I wanted to title this email, which was a nice change since the past few weeks I could come up with nothing.

I’ve been out for 5 months this past week. Time has literally flown. Remember how my mission was practically 1/3 over? Yeahhh, me either . . . at least I try not to. I’m also not a new missionary anymore. Alllllso -- definitely supposed to be fluent by next month?  Well.....

This week I held 5 day-old puppies whose eyes hadn't even opened yet.  Needless to say, it was quite possibly the happiest day of my life.

Okay, now to address the title of my email. Houston. No, not Houston as in the place, but Houston as in the boy. I don't even know if I have words to describe Houston, but I can say that my heart has changed because of him.  I used to say, "This person has a special place in my heart.”  But, with Houston it is more like, "Houston has given me a new heart just for him."  He is 5 years old and has the light of Christ so strongly.  He lives with his Grandmother because his mother [has difficulties].  He is as smart as a whip. He just wants to learn about everything and anything.  His Grandmother [while] a nice woman, is old and has no patience.  In addition to that she is a heavy smoker--bless Houston's heart.
We went over yesterday and Hermanas Parry and Koch were keeping D (the Grandmother) occupied while I sat and talked/read/colored with my little Houston. As we were coloring, just he and I, I wrote "I <3 U" on one of the pictures.  He turns to me and goes, "What does that mean?"  I said, "Well, that means I love you."  He then turns and throws his little arms around my neck and as he nuzzles into my neck goes, "I love you, too . . . please don't leave me."  I can say that I have never been more heartbroken than at that moment.  Sometimes as I think about my call as I missionary, I am growing less and less convinced that I was called to Houston, TX, and more and more convinced I was called to Houston.


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  1. Wow, this one made me cry. I am adding Houston to my prayers.