Monday, August 5, 2013

The One that I Don't Have a Title For

August 5, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

So, I will start off this letter with one of the highlights of my week. It happened on a sunny boiling hot Tuesday at the home of Cesar Cordova. Cesar is a menos activo who we could not get in with to save our lives. But, we decided to knock on his house for the 356th time. His mom answered and invited us in we talked to her for a few minutes. (She is more interested in one of us marrying her son than she is in the gospel.  He is 36 . . . if anyone is interested to know that.) Then, Hna Parry had to go move the car and Hna Koch had to mediate and be half in the house/half watching her (having three companions makes things a lot easier), and so I was left alone to talk with Antonia. We were just chatting about food because she was cooking and I had told her how much I loved to cook.  So, we are just chatting about life and she turns to me and says . . . wait for it . . ."Do you speak English?"  SHE ASKED ME IF I SPOKE ENGLISH YOU GUYS. It was the happiest moment of my entire life.  Granted we had only been talking for like 5 minutes, and I'm sure in a short amount of time it was VERY apparent that I do not speak Spanish, but rather speak English, but she ASKED ME IF I SPOKE ENGLISH! What a happy moment – and a tender mercy from the Lord to cheer me up about learning Spanish, for sure.
This week has been a good one. It wasn't filled with anything overtly miraculous, nor anything terribly sad. We worked hard, pounded pavement and tried our hardest to follow the will of the Lord. I know that I have been saying this for like 2 transfers now, but Gulf Bank is about to take off.  As a missionary, it is like you see everything and everyone around with eternal potential and you just look at the world with spiritual eyes.  You can just see and feel the potential this place has. It is like we are sitting at the starting gates with the fastest race horse just waiting for the gate to open.  Missionary work is so exciting!  And I love it, every single second of it, even the parts that are hard.  I love it because I know I will never get to have these experiences again. Every time something hard happens I think, "Whoa, I just had a super hard missionary experience; I can’t believe I’m a missionary! This is great!"  Life is easier when you are just happy. So my advice this week . . . just be happy.

I love you all! :)

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