Monday, February 3, 2014

Sister Hosking

Catherine Burnham and Pam Hosking

This past weekend, Jeff and I traveled to Concord for the baptism of our grandson, Benjamin.  It was wonderful.  We attended church in Kirstin's ward.  After our meetings ended at 12 pm, I waited until the companion ward, that meets in that building, completed its Sacrament Meeting.  I then went in and found this lovely sister, Pam Hosking, mother of Hermana Hosking who was Alivia's first companion in Waller, TX.  Jeff and I also met Hermana Hosking's father, Bishop Hosking.  It was wonderful to spend a few moments speaking with them about our daughters (and Sister Hosking's other daughter -- currently serving a full-time mission in France)!  Tender mercies.

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