Monday, June 24, 2013

The One withThat One Thing

June 24, 2013
Well, yesterday was probably the hardest day I have ever lived on the planet. Feel free to read Hna Parry's blog for details about that because I really have no desire to write about it. Here are some things that I learned this week though and something I ask of you:

1) Trust in the Lord's timing. One thing I heard in the MTC that I have thought of a lot this week is this:  "He may not always come when you call, but He is always on time."

2) Watch the "Work of Salvation" broadcast and apply it's principles.

3) Please . . . be kind to those new people in the ward. Seek them out. Give them a hug. Tell them hello. Sit with them in class. Be their friend. Tell them you are glad they are there. If you think it is awkward . . . it isnt! Just do it! PLEASE. As a missionary who recently had two investigators postpone their salvation for who knows how long because they felt unwelcome into a ward, I PROMISE that you saying hello to new people will make a huge difference. Plus you could save two young sister missionaries the pain of sitting in an investigators home weeping for an hour. Not just the new people though, the recent converts. Those people who have been there for like 3 months and you assume have friends. Newsflash . . . they probably feel really lonely and YOU could be the one who could change that. Please be that person. Please.

Pray for Gulfbank. The work is good. The purposes of God will be accomplished, even if it isn't in the way Alivia Burnham feels would be easiest.  ". . . neither are your ways, my ways, saith the Lord." (Isaiah 55:8)

Sorry if this email was a little sad, but I am a little bit sad. BUT, never fear miracles are just around the corner. I am sure of it.

I love you all,
Hna Burnham

P.S.   Angie didn't get baptized this Saturday because her Dad had to work that day, so it has been moved until the 30th.  :)  But, she is still the cutest and right on track.  Love that girl.

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